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Bipolar Jugend (T-Shirt)

The BIPOLAR design silkscreen printed on white t-shirt (100% cotton) in 5 sizes (S–XXL) comes with Hustle/Struggle Mantrarole suitable as bracelet (30cm). The t-shirt also features the logo printed insider in the back. The bracelet is a woven band featuring the Bipolar mantra "Der Hustle ist hart / Der Struggle so real" and fits your brace very well. Ready to ship worldwide, prepared to make impact everywhere.

Background information: The Bipolar Jugend t-shirt was originally released at the exhibition "24–7 (Mania/Depression)" by Uwe Bermeitinger in Oct/Nov 2016 at raum linksrechts in Hamburg. The second edition with bracelet was released at Kiosk International chez Âme Nue in November 2018.

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