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Image of FOOL4LUV (Long Sleeve)

FOOL4LUV (Long Sleeve)

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The second edition of the official FOOL4LUV long sleeve features the FOOL4LUV design on the front as well as the logo in the back. Both printed inside so that it shines through the fabric. The black silkscreen print in white long sleeve t-shirt (100% cotton) with cuffs comes in 5 sizes (S—XXL). Ready to ship worldwide, prepared to put on at every occasion. Currently 2 XL and 1 XXL in stock, all other sizes will be ready to sent out in 14 days.

Background information: the first edition of the FOOL4LUV Long Sleeve was printed on occasion of "Drrrty Feet Pure Mind" exhibition at C/O in Aachen (May 2018). The second edition was previously released at Kiosk International chez Âme Nue in Hamburg (November 2018).

Image of FOOL4LUV (Long Sleeve) Image of FOOL4LUV (Long Sleeve)
Image of N°666FFF Signature T
N°666FFF Signature T
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Image of FOOL4LUV/VULV4LOV (Patch) Image of FOOL4LUV/VULV4LOV (Patch)
15.00 — Sold out
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