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The FOOL4LUV/VULV4LOV design printed on uncoated paper (Din A4 — 29,7x21cm) – black risoprint on white paper/red risoprint on rosé paper. Saved with a cardboard, hand stamped and carefully wrapped in love and cellophane by friends, family and the artist himself. Ready to ship worldwide, prepared to put up everywhere.

Background information: The VULV4LOV design is a subconscious revision of the FOOL4LUV design originally developed for the DRRRTY FEET PURE MIND exhibition in May 2018 at C/O Custom/Organisation in Aachen, Germany. The risoprints were shown at Ukraina Strong group show at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev (September 2018) and Kiosk International chez Âme Nue in Hamburg (November 2018).

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