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Hustle/Struggle (Mantrarole)
woven band (105cm)

The Hustle/Struggle Mantrarole is a woven band (105cm) featuring the Bipolar mantra "Der Hustle ist hart / Der Struggle so real". It has the perfect length to use it as lanyard, shoelace, strap for anything like a hooded sweater or whatever you like and it comes in a little package, hand stamped and carefully wrapped in love and cellophane by friends, family and the artist himself. Ready to ship worldwide, prepared for instant use as required.

Background information: The Bipolar mantra was originally used on stickers as advertising for the exhibition "24–7 (Mania/Depression)" by Uwe Bermeitinger in Oct/Nov 2016 at raum linksrechts in Hamburg. Featured on a woven band it was released at Kiosk International chez Âme Nue in November 2018.

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