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With the second issue TISSUE is taking the step from underground fanzine to wannabe-highbrow art magazine:

- A 100 pages strong this time, 2/3 in full colour on coated paper, 1/3 b/w on uncoated beige paper plus a big poster
- An interview and never seen before photographs from The Dark Lord Of Ass MARTIN EDER
- Another interview with and an exclusive story by the grandmaster of fetish photography – ROY STUART
- Also featured: German art-Urgestein WALTER DAHN, MIKE MEIRÈ – artist and Germany’s most important Art Director, HANNA PUTZ – our biggest love, MAXIME BALLESTEROS featuring Helga Wretman dressed in DSTM, DEVIN BLAIR, fabulous MANZINE, YOUICHI SHIDOMOTO, BÈLA PABLO JANSSEN, ROSA RENDL and many more …

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