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Image of N°666FFF Signature T

N°666FFF Signature T


The classic TISSUE logo silkscreen printed on a Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirt available in N°666FFF’s signature colours light grey, lavender and mint green in sizes S to 2XL.
(100% cotton)

light grey: for those who are fed up of wearing white t-shirts and not ready yet for a heather grey revival. this off white color grade comes superslick. it's inspired by the grey cardboard we printed TISSSUE N°666FFF’s cover on. It's also inspired by the washed-out white t-shirts of our editor-mis-chief ... naughty.

lavender: is a longterm signature color for us and goes back to our first print publication Nude Paper [2009–2011]. it's not purple, it's not pink and it’s not rosé. it's lilac, we call it lavender ... mmmmh.

mint green: comes directly from the heart of TISSUE N°666FFF and was inspired by the cover story shot by Kristina Nagel ... fresh.

Buying this t-shirt is a great way of supporting our independent publication. Remember, all profit flows back to the project.

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